Wednesday, January 7, 2015


         Having a place to go – is a home. 

                              Having someone to love – is a family. 

                                                       Having both – is a blessing.

I saw this picture recently and thought it was a great message for families.  Even if we didn't write these great points on our stairs, it would be a great poster idea for the kids you make.

When a mistake is made we just go to the poster and say, "Yes, Susie, we all mistakes." But, what else do we do? We say we are sorry.  We give second chances.  We forgive.  We give hugs.  We love.  That is because we are family."

In saying all of that, we also need to look at our responsibilities as parents and ask ourselves, 'What could we have done to prevent this mistake from happening?'  Let's make sure Susie has the knowledge and skill next time to be able to make the right choice.'

Written by Sally Burgess
Forefront Families LLC

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