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Training Your Kids For Excellence

We all know that training our kids is important. What we don't always realize as parents is that we need to do the training. I know we teach very small children a lot but then somehow with the hustle and bustle we forget once the child reaches school age, thinking that the school will take over. Not! Training is a deliberate thing - it means instructing until the performance is right. Kids can and will learn by observation, and that is effective when the role models are meeting expectations. However, as we all know, this is not always the case. Decide how you want your kids to act and perform and then make sure you are a) role modeling the behavior  b) willing to spend time teaching them how.
Learn more about training your kids from this CD. To purchase please click on the link below.

  Family Values: The Glue That Holds Us Together

Ever feel like your family and/or society is controlling you instead of the other way round? 'If you don't stand up for something you will fall for anything', is the line to a well known country song, and unfortunately it is true. It is vital for your family to establish a code or principles that you will live by, and that you want to be remembered for.
What are family values and where do you find them? The Ten Commandments are all about being loyal, respectful, honoring your parents, being honest in your dealings and not being jealous. Those and others are very strong values and can easily be translated into your family life. This CD on family values shows you how you can identify and develop these values, teach one another how, and become respected by one another and others. Values give clear direction, provide security, excellence and a peaceful and happy family life. Try it!

Surviving the Storms: The Strong-Willed Child & Child Anger 

We've all witnessed first-hand the sparks that strong-willed children can create: fits at the supermarket, the blatant refusal to cooperate at home, or their uncanny ability to create havoc in the most peaceful places.  They're a force to be reckoned with and to win, parents need not only nerves of steel, but sound parenting skills to remain in control. And most importantly, a sound mind to guide the child through the stormy waters to become well-adjusted, successful adults.
  • Why do my children get angry?
  • What happens if anger is left unchecked?
  • When should I ignore it and what should I do about out-of-control anger?
Surviving the Storms: The Strong-Willed Child & Child Anger will help dispel the mystery that surrounds managing strong personalities, giving parents and children the necessary distinctions to channel their frustration and anger into positive, productive energy.

Successful Transition: Blended Families

Kids are always affected by divorce, no matter how amicable the split seems to the parents. Remarriage, while probably a great thing for parents, can be a great loss to kids because their hope that the original parents will get back together will now never happen. There are ways to smooth the transition and with the suggestions on this CD, we are sure your new family will benefit. 

Who's In Charge, You Or The Kids?

An absurd question, but so true!  For many, the life that you had before the kids bears no resemblance to the chaos that often ensues after your children are born.
  • How did my kids manage to take over my life?
  • Why are my kids angels at home, but unholy terrors when we're out – or the other way round?
  • Why does some discipline work on Jenny but not on Johnny?
  • What should I do when my spouse won’t back me up?
Who’s in Charge – You or the Kids? will outline the fundamentals of effective discipline and guide you through the tricky waters of child-rearing to help you change the balance of power in your home and help you get your life back!


Kids Don't Come With Manuals

AT LAST! Simple, practical advice on successful family management.
Why does the most important responsibility we have in life, come WITHOUT instructions? Where is a manual when you need one? I need help to answer questions such as —
  • ‘Why do my kids refuse to do as I ask?’
  • ‘Why do other families seem so much more ordered   and happy than ours?’
  • ‘Can I, as a single parent, be both mother an father to my kids?’
This book gives you PRACTICAL SKILLS on how to raise EXTRAORDINARY KIDS – kids who will become happy, well balanced, self-disciplined, self-reliant, kind and resourceful adults in their workplace, in their families and in society.  The content has been created to challenge you to improve your parenting skills to the point that your kids will love being at home and want to bring their friends around.  The tone is encouraging, and the pages full of easy-to-read information, practical examples and helpful suggestions. 

Makes a fabulous baby shower gift!