Endorsements and Feedback

“You have done so much to help us (Te Kahukura Community Trust) and we can't say 'Thank you' enough.  You have no idea the difference you have made to the parents and children (in our program) and we cannot wait to get you back.  Thanks again for everything from everyone here.  God bless you.”

- Bev Harris, QSM (Te Kahukura Community Trust Manager)
New Zealand, 2010

“You are both such a blessing to our lives and I thank God with all my heart for bringing us together.  I am so grateful to you both for the work that you have put into helping us (the Te Kahukura Community Trust), our parents and their children.  On behalf of the Trustees, thank you so much and may you continue to store your treasures in Heaven.”

- Denny Hansen - Trustee (Te Kahukura Community Trust)
New Zealand, 2010

"I was in a violent, unstable relationship that left me feeling powerless, confused, alone and lost.  Life became a struggle of trials and errors.  You can imagine my excitement when I started getting help from Te Kahukura Trust.  They (Forefront Families, working with Te Kahukura Trust) offered us the (parenting) tools and skills to help us strengthen our weaknesses we had no knowledge of, or parts that could be done differently.  As soon as I applied the changes in myself and actions in my home, it has changed mine and my kids lives in many positive ways.  We are all much closer, our bonds are tighter, and happiness and love can be seen and is felt.  I will be making better choices and that means my children will make better choices as well.  I have been given the tools to succeed."

- Upokoina - Solo parent of 5
June, 2010

"Your common sense  Biblical approach was refreshing.  I loved your personal illustrations and applications."

- Tommy Dove - Senior Pastor (Grace Place Church)
Hermitage, TN

"I just soaked up all the information and wished the class could have been longer.  I have already implemented some of the new plans at home.  You have a very common sense approach."

- Beth Kelley - Seminar Attendee
Nashville TN

"I enjoyed the class and think that you both did a wonderful job.  I particularly enjoyed the sessions on 'Creating family values', 'Creating a family shield', and 'Respect and Responsibility.'  I am so proud that we have people like you out there teaching and sharing all this information that can be so much help to parents."

- Nancy Ricketts - Seminar Attendee
Lebanon, TN

"All sessions were great.  An awesome Job!  A ‘must’ for all parents! My own kids are grown but the info is great for grand-parenting"

- Cliff Ricketts - Lecturer (MTSU)
Murfreesboro, TN

"Brian Burgess is a positive, energetic communicator with the ability to inspire and motivate those around him."

- Clay Myers - Executive Principal (Hunters Lane High School)
Nashville, TN

"I found the seminar insightful, with a lot of wisdom and practical guidance.  It gave me perspective and conviction in things I tend to hesitate to enforce, and I learned how to motivate unmotivated kids.  Awesome!"

 - Karina Young - Seminar Attendee 
Nashville TN