Sunday, June 9, 2013


1. Your body is a gift from God.  Save it for the one you commit your life to.

2. The less you wear, the less there is to know.  Dress like you would in front of me, your Dad!

3. Work hard at school and get all the education you can before marriage and kids come.  Your kids will 
      take care of all your spare time until at least year 11!!!

4. Pick positive friends who are out there doing great things.  Be that kind of friend to others.

5. Be kind to your Mom and Dad.  We are the ones who are on 'first call' for everything!

6. Remember the Trace Adkins song 'You're gonna miss this'?  You will, so enjoy every minute of the 
     different phases of your life.

7. Spend time with your Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters.  They are the ones who know you best and have 
     your back.

8. Treat your husband with respect as you would your very best friend.  After all, he should be that 

9. Share your home and child responsibilities equally with your husband/partner and stand united in all 
     the important decisions.

10. Help each other to be the greatest you can be.

11. Treat your kids with respect and kindness.  They are the ones who will decide your nursing home!!!!

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