Sunday, June 9, 2013


A friend posted this comment on Facebook the other day, and it was so encouraging I thought I would pass it on as a true example of unselfishness.

Here is the post -

"I had the most deeply satisfying game of Monopoly recently. It was a family game between my wife, our 6 year old son Max and me.  After a good-natured yet competitive beginning to the game, son Max decided to start reducing or even forgiving rent when (we) the adults couldn't afford to pay it. Soon we followed his example. We ended up by just helping each other buy complete sets (of properties) and evenly shared suitable housing and hotels between the players.  To end the game, we decided that the last two un-bought properties should be set aside as city-owned parks!"

This is great parenting when a young child demonstrates this level of compassion even in a simple game?  Well done parents for teaching your son the important principle of sharing.  Congratulations to you Max for displaying an important principle that many of us overlook in our efforts to succeed.

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