Friday, April 12, 2013


 I wonder where the word 'chores' came from?  That word always makes me think of drudgery - stuff you have to do, but yet, don't like doing! 

In our parenting sessions, when talking about helping around the house, we focus on the family being a team where everyone works together to create a great, smooth running home environment.  Each person takes responsibility for particular tasks which are all part of the daily routine.  Requiring children to be involved in everyday home management prepares them for working together with others throughout their lives.  Once the tasks are completed there is time for individual and family fun.  By praising them for work well done, children feel valuable contributors, thus eliminating the temptation to pay them for 'chores'.

Let's get rid of the term 'chores' and think of a more positive name for daily responsibilities. Tasks?  Duties? Pleasures? Angel work? Have you any thoughts? 

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