Saturday, March 30, 2013


 As I sit here writing this blog, there is a hive of activity going on outside.

It all started when a large wooden crate arrived at my son's workplace a week ago and once emptied, was immediately collapsed, placed on a trailer and brought home.  It has been sitting under a tarp ever since and 2 young boys are eagerly awaiting its rebuild into their new hut.  Our grandson, aged 7, has already got it planned out using a 3D model on his computer.  His Dad and 'Grandy' are busily creating a small retainer wall to make enough flat space for the hut's foundations.  Mum and 5 year old son are out there painting.  It won't be long before the children will both be helping erect the structure.

We don't often think about the significance of our kids helping us do adult stuff.  However, the reality is our children love using shovels and wheeling barrows, and bringing paint brushes and pails of water to help Dad.  We have pictures of our own son helping Daddy gardening when he was only 2 years old.

There are a number of benefits for kids helping their Dads.  It provides a valuable opportunity for one-on-one conversations.  It teaches kids skills by watching and doing.  It shows them that work with Dad can be fun.  They enjoy the satisfaction of seeing something completed.

I am watching quite a twist in this scenario right now.  Here is Dad helping his grown son with these physical projects.  Over 35 years ago it was the other way round!

Go dig, go build, go paint together.....

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