Monday, March 4, 2013


Every child needs:
1. To have their basic needs met: warmth, food, shelter and clothing and rest.
  • To know they will be fed regularly, so they don't feel hungry.
  • To have their pain soothed quickly.
  • To sleep undisturbed for hours at a time.
  • To not be left alone.  They need to know that someone will be there when they are sad, afraid or need something.
2.  To feel comfort and security.
  • To feel the comfort and security of arms around them, just for hugs or to rock them to sleep.
  • To hear the gentle, loving voice of a mother or father to make them feel loved.
  • To feel the loving touch or the stroke of a hand on their skin to make them feel accepted and cared for.
  • To know they are in a safe, secure environment with the skills to know that to do in case of danger.
  • To feel safe from danger.  To know someone is there to protect them at all times.
  • To enjoy an everyday routine that takes care of their every need.
  • To know adults' expectations and to be taught how to meet them.
  • To experience caring and consistent parenting.
3. To feel valued
  • Once the above needs are met, a child learns to trust those who care for them.
  • To be asked for their opinion or ideas lets them know that what they say and do makes a difference.
  • To be included in adult conversations at times.
  • To be given opportunities to learn as much as they can.  Knowledge creates confidence.
  • To be able to discover and develop their special abilities and passions.
  • To be given responsibilities at home and school.
  • To be given praise and encouragement for work well done.
  • To be corrected in a timely, fair manner.
One of the greatest yet simplest things you can give to a child is your smile - especially when you look right into their eyes when you do.  A smile is a wonderful expression that, without a word, tells them you love and accept them, that you care about what they are saying or doing and that you are happy they belong to you.

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