Tuesday, April 23, 2013


One of the greatest lessens in life is punctuality.  Why should we teach our kids to be punctual?

When you don't get there on time -
1.  You will miss out.  The bus will be gone.  The door will be closed.  You will miss the opportunity.
2.  You show disrespect to those who were on time and are waiting for you.
3.  You demonstrate a lack of planning and you spoil others' plans.
4.  You create an element of distrust amongst those who are relying on you.

How do we teach our kids to be punctual?
1. Be a role model.
2. Explain why they need to be on time (see above) and how to prepare beforehand to BE on time.
3. Create and act on consequences for being late e.g.
   a) If you are going shopping and there is someone staying home who can look after them, go without the child.
   b) If they miss the bus and it is possible to walk with them, make them walk.
   c) If they don't come when they are told the meal is served, take it away and don't give them anything else.  I can
       guarantee they will not do it again.
   d) When they are late, have them apologize for being disrespectful to the person concerned.
   e) Create stronger consequences if earlier ones do not correct the problem.
4. Explain what to do if they know they will be late e.g. phone or text the person concerned and give an e.t.a.

If we are regularly late we cannot keep making excuses, we need to just plan our lives better.  Occasionally unavoidable situations occur that prevent punctuality.  However, if we are known for being habitually late we will accrue a very poor reputation and people will not be able to rely on us.

By Sally Burgess

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