Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It's that time of year again when we all reflect on last year's achievements or failures and try to make a plan to do it better this time around. The change might be eating healthier, exercising more, going for that promotion, taking that coveted vacation, having children or becoming a grandparent, graduating, getting married or doing that thing you've always been too scared to do.

Whatever you want to achieve this year, make one of your goals to be the best parent, grandparent, son, daughter, brother or sister you can be. When I strive to continually improve as a person, I know that I positively affect everything and everyone else around me. Enthusiasm and drive are infectious and people want to be around those who push themselves to be better. It's also healthy to be around people who encourage us to want to do greater things.

So, in saying that, if you're struggling with parenting and/or marriage, be the one who takes a step in the direction of positive change. If it's broken, it's obviously not working and needs to be healed. We are all inherently selfish and want others to change. However, we can only change ourselves, and in so doing, make our own lives and homes happier. Decide how to actively work on making changes. If you are not sure how to get there, look at someone you admire and ask them how they do it.

My challenge to you is this. Wake up every morning and think how you can make other people's lives better today. When we do this, we create a safe and loving environment that has no room for negativity, breakdowns and strife. A person who feels loved will love others.

These are my personal goals for this year:

* To be a more patient and less frustrated parent. With two toddlers, it's easy to get agitated and reactive.
* To teach my children about giving to others in need. I plan to help support several causes that will help children in impoverished nations and also widows in nations that don't take care of their own. If my children don't see me do it, they may never know what it means to think of anybody but themselves.
* To wake up every morning and think how I can make my family and others feel more positive about themselves and how I can give them the tools to get there.

Happy New Year everyone. I pray that this is a fantastic year for you. If it's a trying year, I pray that God will have mercy and give you the strength to stand strong through it all. You have us as a family to lean on and we love you very much.

Lots of love,

Kristee Mays (Forefront Families)


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