Thursday, September 27, 2012


Children can be indulged in a number of ways:
a) Lots of “stuff”
b) Lack of discipline
c) Low expectations

Ø      “Things” can’t replace what a child really wants: Quality and quantity time with their parents.  This is FREE!

Ø      Children need to hear the word, “no”, sometimes. They need to treasure what they have and understand there is a cost involved in the things they are given. As the child grows older they need to learn about thinking of others, sharing, being part of a team, obeying the law, working for an employer etc. All of these activities require an appropriate response to the word "no." It involves giving of themselves for the good of others.

Ø      Children who are given few or no responsibilities may get the impression that the world revolves around them.  They need to feel part of a team that works together to reach an end goal.  When there are low expectations, children do not know or reach their true potential.  They do not excel.

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