Friday, September 21, 2012


It has long been known that to be intelligent, gorgeous, wealthy or athletic is to have a distinct advantage in our society’s perception of “success.” When we think back to all the kids we looked up to or heroes we envied – what did they or their families have that we didn’t? Most likely, one or more of the above!

So, how do we encourage our kids to feel ‘successful’ when they are not the most good looking, most athletic, most brainy, or come from a monied family?

Ø      Parents need to change the definition of ‘success’ within their families.  Success is doing YOUR best, not having to be THE best.

Ø      Children should be encouraged to map their own improvement rather than constantly match themselves against others.

Ø      Children should not be made to feel that if they didn’t win, their effort was worthless.  Notice how, in the Olympic Games each medallist won their medal – be it gold, silver or bronze.

Ø      When parents set goals for themselves and their family, there is an immense of satisfaction gained from achieving those goals.  The reaching of goals has nothing to do with the traditional meaning of success mentioned above.   It is just a matter of dedication and hard work.

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