Thursday, September 13, 2012


   1.      Take a close look at yourself. 
Are you happy with who you are - what you believe, your career path, your self esteem and your lifestyle?
If not, sort yourself out before you try hitching your wagon to someone else!

  1. Take a close look at the person you have your eye on.
    • Are they happy with who they are - their beliefs, their career, their lifestyle and self esteem? 
    • Do they have a passion and direction?  Are they energetic and hopeful for the future?
    • Do they have issues or baggage from previous relationships? 
    • Is this person fun to be with?  Is she/he generally positive and happy?    
 If there is a ‘NO’ to these questions, then RUN!!!


3. Find someone who

a.   Has similar Spiritual beliefs as you do.
b.        Is at a similar intellectual level as you (not necessarily the same career path or qualifications) but can communicate at the same level.
c.         Has similar interests as you or will be supportive of yours and vice versa.
4. Visit that person’s home and watch how:
a.      Their parents talk to one another.
b.      Their parents and your friend talk to one another.
c.      Your friend talks about and to their parents.
d.      The parents keep their home and how your friend keeps his/her room.

Note: If they are respectful, caring and positive around one another, then it is what you are likely to experience in your marriage.  If they are e.g. untidy and you don't want to live in a ship-wreck, then think again.  It is impossible to change other's habits but you can change yours.
5. Talk about kids:
a.      The number of kids you might want.
b.      The way you believe they should be disciplined

6. Talk about household responsibilities:
a.      Who will be responsible for what household and outdoor chores.
b.      Who will look after the bills and money management.
c.      Whether you will have one account only or each will have your own accounts as well.  This can be a major issue.

7. Talk about how you will deal with disagreements and conflicts

If all of the above line up, along with the moon, the stars and plenty of electricity - then you can be fairly sure you have a good one.  Don’t let them go!!!

                                                  - Sally Burgess Oct 2012 -

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