Tuesday, May 14, 2013


1.   I am so proud of you!
      Kids love to know they have done something to make their parents brag about them.

2.   Thank you so much for .....
      Kids appreciate being recognized for doing chores, favors and for acting appropriately.

3.   I am so glad you are my son/daughter.
      Kids want to feel they belong and are valued.

4.   I love you all.
      Kids want to be loved equally with their siblings.

5.   You have done an exceptional job.
       Kids love it when parents acknowledge that they have excelled or worked really hard.

6.   You did your best, and that is all we ask for.
      Kids want to be recognized for the effort they put in rather than just the results.

7.   I believe in you.
      Kids want parents to have faith in them and to respect their integrity. 

8.   You are a very precious member of this family.
      Kids need to hear it from parents that they are special, not just one more mouth to feed.

9.   I really value your opinion.
     Kids love it when a parent listens and actually appreciates their input.

10. You can become whatever you set your mind to!
      Kids need to be encouraged to dream big and know their parents will support them in their 

11. I love you.
     When you look your child right in the eyes and tell them you love them, they will never forget it.

12. I am going to stand by you no matter what.
     Kids need to be assured that even though they mess up, parents love them for who they are rather 
     than for what they do.  

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