Thursday, February 7, 2013


On one of our trips home to New Zealand, we made a bee-line for the beach.  As we headed along the concrete walkway towards the water, we came across a toddler playing in a mud puddle.  I mean, she wasn't just gingerly playing around the edges.  She was loving it, standing there in her little pink top and pants in the middle of that puddle.  Her little curly head was down and her tail up as she squelched the mud through her fingers, totally oblivious to anything happening around her.

We couldn't help but stop, smile and ask her parents if we could take a picture.  What a great sight it was!  Her parents were sitting at a table nearby just watching her and laughing.  They didn't care that she was getting dirty.  They just let her go for it.

Wouldn't we have loved to have done that as kids?  Mud can wash away, but experiences stay in our minds forever.

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