Friday, February 15, 2013


HELP! This parenting gig is tougher than I ever imagined it to be! It would really help if we got some instructions that came with the baby. After all, when we buy a product that requires some assembly they always send a set of instructions. When we want to get our driver's license we have to study a manual before taking the test. When we want to fix our car we look at the manual that came with it so we know what we're doing. Just last night I looked up how to change the in-cabin air filter on my car. When I took it in for its 30,000 mile check they found that a mouse had made its home in the filter and I need to check it again.

So many times I've heard parents say, "I wish our kids came with a manual!" I could have done with one in my earlier parenting days. I did find very useful information in books written by Dr. James Dobson, 'Dare to Discipline' and 'The Strong Willed Child'. However, I kept hearing, "If only they came with manuals!" So I decided one day, to write a book to share the expertise I had gained through study and working with troubled kids and their families most of my career. Guess what I called it. Yes, 'Kids Don't Come With Manuals'.

I was wary in writing it because Dr. Benjamin Spock had written what he deemed to be THE manual for raising kids back in the 1950s and he helped screw up a couple of generations of families with his super liberal message. It was all about having a child-centered family structure where basically the tail wagged the dog!

In my book I never set out to create a manual, but I do address many of the important issues facing parents today. I give parents information that will help them raise extraordinary kids. I address the subject of establishing a set of values that becomes the framework on which you build your family.

Chapters include:
  • You can raise extraordinary kids
  • Overcoming obstacles and dealing with failure
  • Giving and receiving love and affection
  • Who's raising our kids?
  • It's all about choices
  • The well-managed family
  • From selfishness to responsibility
  • Developing a good work ethic

I haven't given all the chapter headings here, but there is so much in it to help you create a very positive home environment where your kids love to be, where they see you as their hero and where they love to bring their friends. Who wouldn't want that?

'Kids Don't Come With Manuals' is down to earth, practical, not filled with 'gobbledegook' and has many pages of practical suggestions to help you be an even better parent. The book can be bought from this site and you will find it in our Product section. Get your copy today.

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