Wednesday, December 7, 2016


You have often heard the saying, 'Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it'.  That really got me thinking the other night when I couldn't sleep.  For one thing, it was my mind buzzing that was stopping me sleeping!


Yes, I would have to say almost anything IS possible - with conditions.  Some things we have complete control over and some things we don't.  Things are achievable when we are physically and/or intellectually capable and some are not.  Immediately, I think of the miraculous achievements of people like Wilma Rudolph and Dr. Glen Cunningham who had, at one time, been crippled and yet with enormous effort, won Olympic athletic medals.  Yes, there will always be those outstanding stories.


1. The will - the 'what' and the 'why?' - made up of vision, belief or confidence in one's ability
    and determination not to give up.
2. The means - the 'how' e.g. goals, plan, support (financial, emotional), equipment, time and
    physical and/or emotional fitness.
3. The opportunity - the 'when' - the vehicle to be able to attain a goal e.g the event, climate,
    circumstances, location e.g. the rock face, calm seas, the classes offered to fulfill required
    educational qualifications to become a 'specialist'.


There are some goals we can have complete control over e.g. the courses are there, the exams set, then you pass or you don't pass.  But sometimes we cannot control the results e.g. we enter a singing competition, go for a job or run a race.  We have no control over the mindset of those judging us or who else will be in the race.  All we can do is our best and see what happens.  This is where determination comes in.


If we have set goals, we need to also include contingencies such as the subjectivity of those in control of results.  You can work at making it more and more impossible to be excluded from winning.  When I entered The Country Music Entertainer of The Year, I knew it would be a long haul.  I studied my judging sheets carefully and worked on the negatives.  I made sure the songs I entered with were strong (showing the best of my voice) and I didn't give up until I won, even though I knew that the results were influenced by subjectivity.


We do not want to set ourselves or our children up to fail.  We cannot allow ourselves to try and live our unrequited dreams out though our children.  We need to choose our own dreams to follow.  If we or our children try out some activity and we are just not reaching our goals, then there is no shame in trying something similar or completely different, until we find the right fit.

The greatest shame is to look back on a life of missed opportunities, the feeling of exhilaration in our successes - be they big or small.  Make sure you find your mission or dream and explore all the possibilities.  My friend Jim climbing the rock face in the picture, has been heavily into physical challenge  for many years.  He has also introduced his children to similar sports.  What a great role model he has been, and if any of his kids had not wanted to be involved in such a physical sport I know he would have helped them explore their own aspirations.

Written by Sally Burgess, Forefront Families
Photo supplied by Jim Giordano

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