Sunday, January 26, 2014


We all want to be rated the best grandparents in the world. Let's look at some 'how to' ideas.

How to win brownie points from the grandkids' point of view:

  1. Have a really big toy box at your house. 
  2. Have a secret stash of M&Ms to hand out for good behavior.
  3. Run almost as fast as them, but not quite.
  4. Have a special place for them to sit on the kitchen counter to watch you cook.
  5. Let them lick the bowl or the beaters when you're making a cake.
  6. Laugh at all the funny things they do (if appropriate).
  7. Take them out on adventures.
  8. Climb trees, ride a bike, make a hut, and go to their sports' games. 
  9. Give them plenty of affection.
10. Tell them the best stories.
11. Help them with their homework projects.
12. Love them all unconditionally and don't have favorites.
12. Do as many things as possible with your grandkids to create great positive memories.
13. Show them how to do things like tie knots, make a cart, sew a dress or knit.
14. Listen when they want someone to talk to about stuff and help them make wise

How to get a top score from parents:

1. Don't spoil the kids rotten and then hand them back...with a smile!
2. Make time to come to look after the grandkids when a parent needs to go somewhere, and
    be flexible enough for them to get home late because they bumped into a friend on the way
    home and stopped for coffee.
3. Have eyes in the back of your head when you are in charge of the grandkids.
4. Reinforce and follow the parents' rules for their children.
5. Don't say 'yes' to whatever the kids want and don't be afraid to say 'no' when necessary.
6. Know when to back away and let the parents, 'parent'.
7. Never criticize the parents in any way in front of the children.
8. Be a great support to parents by helping and encouraging them in their parenting skills.

None of the above requires any money except for the M&Ms stash.  Even the toy box can be
stocked from a thrift store.  Mine is!

Written by Sally Burgess

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