Saturday, September 14, 2013


 1.  People who know you well and have seen your kids in different circumstances tell you, "You
       have great kids.  They are a credit to you."

  2.  People you have never seen before come up to you and say, "You have great kids,  They are
       a credit to you."

  3.  Your kids do the right thing even when they know you are not looking.

  4.  Your kids own up to their mistakes without blaming anyone else.

  5.  Your kids willingly take responsibility in helping with family stuff.

  6.  Your kids walk along the street with you instead of hiding in doorways or walking 20ft ahead
       or behind you!

  7.  Your kids are not afraid to be affectionate towards you in front of their friends.

  8.  Your kids' friends want to hang out at your place because they think you are 'cool' parents.

  9.  Your kids reach your expectations as well as their own .

10.  Your kids do not try to bolt to some university on the other side of the planet, just to get
       away from you for 4 years while partying and spending your money.

11.  Your kids still want to go on vacation with you when they are 16.

12.  Your kids don't have to be told 15 times to do chores.  In fact, they don't have to be told at all.

13.  Your kids willingly tell you their problems because they value your advice - and take it.

14.  There is much more laughter in your home than frustration and tension.

15.  Your kids know how to settle their differences without causing bodily injury!

16.  Other parents ask you your secret on successful parenting.

17.  Your kids become your best friends after they leave home.

      We believe successful families are:
  • God-centered (a strong core belief system)
  • Parent-directed (great role models with strong family values)
  • Family-oriented (NOT child-centered)
  • Outwardly-focused (caring for the needs of others)
Go ahead. Take a bow.  You deserve to be appreciated for all the wonderful things you do for your families.

Written by: Brian and Sally Burgess

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