Friday, September 6, 2013


We are all very concerned about safety so I am passing on some advice and tips that might help protect your kids...

  1. Children under 14 years old should always walk or run with a trusted adult.
  2. Never (adults or children) run or walk alone, especially in unpopulated areas.  People have been
      killed because they are easily overcome by stronger attackers.    
  3. Always carry a cell phone, a whistle and, if possible, mace.
  4. If someone appears to be following you, run up the driveway of the nearest house - like you live
      there.  Call for help. 
  5. Do not run with ear-buds in your ears.  I saw a terrible true story on TV recently about a girl who
      never heard the perpetrator running up behind her and she was murdered.
  6. Always tell someone else where you are running or walking and for how long.
  7. Never go running or walking in the dark.
  8. Always keep to the side of the road facing traffic.
  9. Wear bright or reflective clothing at all times.
10. If someone grabs you, scream your head off, kick them in the groin, head-butt, scratch, stomp,
      poke them in their eyes, yell at them, twist, squirm or engage any other action that can hurt them.
      Avoid being a nice guy.  Do everything possible to avoid being put in a car.  Your chance
      of coming out alive is minimal.
11. You are much less likely to be injured or killed if you are in a public, populated place.
12. When hiking, only go with an adult and always take a phone. Make periodic check-ins.  Carry
      appropriate snacks/food/drink.  Tell others where you are hiking and when you will be back.
      Stick to known hiking paths.

1. Never allow your kids to ride in the back of pickups.  Riders are totally unprotected, cannot get
    the driver's attention if something is wrong and they have no restraints.  This goes for 4 wheelers
    also.  Ensure they wear a helmet on bikes or 4 wheelers.
2. Talk to your kids about driving drunk or with someone else who is.  Even if you think your child
    would never be negatively influenced by others, you just never know.  Research shows that even
    young people   you have carefully instructed often yield to peer pressure.
3. Insist on knowing where your kids are at all times.
4. Make sure they have a cell phone.
5. Ensure your kids go through a self defense course.

1. Sit down while the bus is moving and follow all other bus rules. 
2. Follow all instructions the driver gives without question unless your personal safety is at risk.
3. When you get off the bus, LOOK both ways before you start crossing the road.  Even though traffic
    is supposed to stop when the bus does, it doesn't always happen and kids should always look
    before they step out.

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