Friday, November 2, 2012


I heard this the other day from our Pastor and thought it was well worth passing on:

The four friends you most need are:
1. The DEVELOPER - the friend who brings out the best in you
2. The DESIGNER - the friend who mentors you as a personal hands on coach
3. The DISTURBER - the friend who challenges you, shakes up the status quo
4. The DISCERNER - the friend who brings spiritual insight into your life

Do you have friends in your life that could be described as developers, designers, disturbers and discerners? If not then it is a great idea to seek them out.

We need to be parents firstly to our children but, in the above sense, our role is also to bring out the best in our kids - help them reach their potential. We need to be their role models in showing them rather than merely telling them the way. We need to make sure our kids are not coasting along. We need to rattle their cages, and encourage them towards greater things. We need to be sensitive to their needs and respond when they are troubled. We need to create strong and healthy communication lines with our kids so they know they can always come to us for help and advice without fear of being chastised.

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