Thursday, November 15, 2012

COMPETITION!!!! Sign up NOW and receive prizes. See details below.

Welcome to our blog page.  We would love for you to participate in our

What are the prizes?
1st prize - Brian's book "Kids Don't Come With Manuals"
2nd prize - A bundled package of all 5 CD's about raising your kids
3rd prize - 1 free CD of your choice
**For an explanation of what each product is about, please visit the product page.

What do I have to do to win a prize?
Just be the first 3 people to register and ask a question or leave a comment on our new forum page. Click here to register. Once you have registered, just click on the Index button to start participating. Please be sure to include your email when registering so we can contact you. Good luck!

Kids Don't Come With Manuals

Who's In Charge. You Or The Kids?
Surviving The Storms: The Strong Willed Child and Child Anger
Family Values: The Glue That Holds Us 

Training Your Kids For Excellence
Successful Transition: Blended Families

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