Monday, October 1, 2012


Most parents experience their toddlers throwing tantrums, pre-teens slamming doors or teenagers exploding with anger. Tantrums, fits and rages are a child’s way of saying, “This is not happening!” “ I will NOT do as you say.”  "I want it and I want it NOW!” They do not have adult rationale, and therefore want to force the situation their way, with explosive anger, to manipulate their parent or caregiver.

Ø      Toddlers often throw tantrums because they cannot express themselves other than to scream in frustration.  Distract them if possible rather than crate a ‘head on collision’.

Ø      Tantrums need to be discouraged immediately so they don’t become a habit.

Ø      Tantrums only work where there is an audience.

Ø      Never give in to a tantrum for the sake of peace.

Ø      It is possible to reason with tweens and teens – as long as you catch them before they pass ‘orange’ on their gasket.  Good, open communication with your kids can often encourage them to talk through their frustrations and fears and help them make wise choices.

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