Friday, October 26, 2012


Today, while traveling home from Chattanooga I heard a most inspiring story. It was about an 11 year-old boy named Ben who runs triathlons. Although he doesn’t like to practice much, his mother says he is always inspired by the competition and really gets into it once he is in the race.

On this particular day, Ben had completed the swimming and cycling sections of the race and was half way through the running section when his right leg felt ‘wobbly’. The screws in his prosthetic leg had come loose and before he knew it, he hit the asphalt with a thud. A young man named Matt, a youth volunteer for the event, saw what happened and ran to Ben’s aid. He asked the boy if he needed help. When Ben said, “Yes,” the young man hoisted Ben onto his back and started running. Ben held on to him with one arm round his helper's neck while grasping his prosthetic leg in the other. Ben’s parents realized something was wrong when the commentator of the race announced that one of the competitors, a disabled boy, had fallen.

It certainly was a sight to behold when, amidst tears and cheers, Ben crossed the finish line aided by his new found friend Matt, flanked by some of Matt’s Marine friends who ran in formation alongside.

It only took a moment for that volunteer to step out and help a young boy fulfill a dream. Sometimes it takes more time than a simple step. It might even take some real sacrifice, but the effort on our part means an immeasurable amount to the recipient. We can make all the difference to those around us by offering simple acts of kindness. We can teach our kids to be like-minded by showing them how the little things make a huge difference to others.

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