Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Every day is mothers’ day in my estimation. Why do we celebrate this only one day in the year?
Let me wax eloquent and put my feelings into prose......

Conception occurs and the bond begins
Within the womb a new life materializes
Imbued with a purpose and God–given gifts to match 

The child is ready to meet the world
Birth thrusts the baby into humanity’s domain 

To be nurtured and raised to fulfill destiny’s plan 
From earth’s greatest teacher, a mother’s love 
Smothers the infant and ensures a stable life
Unrequited, unconditional and always ready to serve

A mother’s love is as constant as the sun’s rising
Fathers sometimes come and go when things get too hard 

But a mother for life is all a woman understands
Through thick and thin, good times and bad 

Mother love clings like a vine to a tree 
Dependable, unshakeable, wounded then healed  
Her love remains when all else fails
God has given her a heart and strength

That knows no limits, or seems that way 
Sleepless at times and ensuring all are fed
She falls exhausted, happy that she’s served well
However old her child may be, there’s no limit 

To her love and devotion
Until she breathes her last air, she remains

A doting mother and friend

Thank you all mothers. You never give up on your children. It is you who makes this a better world. Though you get weary from the multi-tasking work you perform and the pain you can endure, you are precious in God’s sight. He made you that way. Your unselfish attitudes and your instinct to never give up are what set you apart. I know that there are some mothers who don’t fulfill their role well, but they are by far the minority.

 I honor and respect you. I’m sorry for the way too many of you have been treated by men. All of us can do better as parents and in our personal relationships. We should seek help to improve our skills, learning daily how to do it better.

Mothers usually end up raising their children and being the constant factor though families fall apart. I have seen so many single mothers doing an outstanding job with very little support and encouragement. Where most men would give up long ago, mothers battle on to ensure their kids reach their potential.

Footnote to men: I have met many men who are single parents and doing a fantastic job raising their kids, too. There are other men that may not have been solely responsible for the family breakup or had little to do with it, yet they have been denied custodial rights and would love to be raising their children. I honor you, too, but this article was about mothers.

Written by Brian Burgess, Forefront Families

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