Friday, December 21, 2012


In a past age, people did not have the option to travel far.  Even now I am astonished when I hear that people living in say, Tennessee, have never ventured beyond its borders.  Our families are scattered all over the country and often times the world.  It is ever more exciting when we have the opportunity to gather together.

What happens when we get together?
  • We catch up on all our news
  • We become excited with others' achievements and they equally enjoy ours
  • We meet new family members
  • We share hugs, smiles, gifts and stories
  • We have an opportunity to forgive and forget
  • We remember back when...
  • We renew our commitment to one another
  • We share our love
  • Sometimes we say goodbye for the last time
Gathering together strengthens the ties that bind us together as families.  It is also a time to think of those who do not have anyone to share time with.  Our families should not be an exclusive club but have porous walls.  We need to be actively looking for those without families to share their lives with.  When we do this our kids learn to think of the needs of others also.

By Sally Burgess

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