Sunday, June 5, 2011

How children affect our marriage relationship

Several weeks ago we ran a session at church on "Preserving marriage through our lifetime".  We talked about our relationship prior to children, and then what happened when we started a family, on through the teen years and then the glory of being 'empty nesters' and grandparents.  Of course we are never really prepared for children even if we had brothers and sisters of our own.  There is nothing like 'learning as you go' parenting!  The balance in keeping your marriage healthy and caring for the needs of kids is very tricky at the best of times.
I am planning to offer some tips on this subject over the next week or so......
Watch this space!

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  1. When a baby arrives, new parents immediately have to move into a whole new routine. There is a 180 degree turn from doing things you want as two adults, to suddenly trying to figure out how to keep this precious little bundle happy and growing. It takes up ALL of your time. The focus is all 'baby' orientated. It doesn't help that crying or gurgling are the only means of communication from the baby at this point. Obviously as time goes by you get into the swing of 'babydom' and work out a routine that works.
    TIP: The goal is that the baby/toddler/pre-teen/teen will learn to fit into your schedule instead of you always fitting into theirs. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does need to happen. If not the child will assume that you parents are there for their benefit not yours. Toddlers can learn to wait, to take their turn. As they grow older they need to learn to do their share of chores and to be part of a team.